There are just some things that will happen eventually because they must.

I have been watching my brother dance since he was a little kid.  And I mean, grass stains, innocently smells like dirt and sweat in a way only little boys age 5-9 do, bowl cut, all of it.  He’s been enjoying music since we were children.  Some of my favorite memories are rolling around on some God-awful brown carpet (whose stale smell I am still nostalgic for), and hearing the sounds of legendary musicians intermingle with our parents laughter.  These moments make us both believe that the combination of music and movement is a 100 mph straight shot to a highway of joyous life.  We come from a family of dancing Davids.

It’s insane to me that we’ve both ended up on this creative life path, and not only that, but both in dance.  I find it an enormous blessing to share so many experiences, appreciations, friendships, and community with my sibling.  Not only that, but my heart swells to near bursting when I think about how far he’s come and how proud I am of him as an artist.  To further that, its also been a magical thing seeing the ways that Chris and Larkin have pushed and awakened things in each other.  They’re both some very special lima beans to me.  The way they can be so honest and human, yet also so surreal and amazing leaves you thinking about how you can be a better person.  I mean, for me this is the ultimate goal of art; to motivate others and draw out the good in them.  They make a marvelous duo.  As someone who shares her career with her husband, I intimately understand the challenge of collaboration, but ultimately the strength and fruitfulness that comes from it.  If more than one mind can figure out a way to join their forces, their resources, and visions, you get beautiful things. 

This is something that’s held more and more weight with me as I’ve gotten older, especially in the current world of sharing everything.  When the world seems to be constantly chattering, how much do I appreciate those who push to make beautiful things.  How much do I hope and have faith that this is a necessary part of human experience; the existence of beauty - making it, seeing it, letting it slow down time so that the rushing energy of the anxious way we live can breathe, even if just for one drawn out breath.  That these things subconsciously connect humanity.  And I know this process will be one of challenge, anxiety, facing fears, pushing body and brain, adapting to changes, accepting the whirlwind nature of the process of creation - but these moments are so precious.  It’s the people who are willing to put the heaviness on their shoulders to make beauty that ultimately become carriers of light.  This is the man my brother has grown to be.  This is what kind of person I strive to be, and something I think is a common thread to all the people who will make Project Home a reality.

So adventure time.  Saddle up betties.  I promise to all who have supported this so far, we will work to the bone to make this beautiful thing exist.  And, I do believe, that we will relish every second of it.