When I watch film, I am
shown the impossible,
what can never be.

When I watch dance, I am
shown the possible and
what must be.
— -Ben Stamper, from “Stewards of the Moment”

To merely superimpose one art form upon another is a waste of time and won’t bring anyone closer to the truth, though it is done all too often. But to bring dance and film together like two distant cousins meeting for the first time, allowing them to work out their shared blood without compromising their individuality; this is an opportunity for something new. A collaboration is only worth something when one element elevates the other. The merging of dance and film in a landscape that routinely leaves its inhabitants speechless is why we have come together. Iceland is the perfect context to explore the homeward impulse in each one of us: primordial and refined; serene and treacherous - this country takes on the physical expression of “home” in all its dimensions. In short, we are not out to simply make a dance video with a really cool backdrop. Our aim with Project Home is to create a piece of art that speaks to our deepest yearnings as humans: To belong. To welcome. To conflate the possible and impossible and forge a new creative language together.