Thank You Chengdu.

Every time I go to China I am always blown away by the life and energy that pours out of its cities. Whether its seeing the hundreds of senior citizens and young people alike dancing in plazas and along the packed streets, or sitting around Sichuan hot pot and eating the unbelievable food Chengdu and every other Chinese city has to offer. If I were to write out and explain in depth the love I have for this country, its people, and without a doubt its food, this would be far more than a short blog entry. Every trip to China is an adventure and this was no exception, from shooting Videos in abandoned worksites, learning new games(185, Bam Martin I can not thank you enough for this beautiful game), dancing with old ladies in peoples park, eating enough spicy food to make my mouth hurt, to simply dancing along side my friends from all over the world. There are an infinite amount of people to thank fo this experience and I hope I said it personally to each and everyone of you! Because of all of the excitement I wasn't able to take photos on this trip but there are some people who did a great job of that! Jino Abad, takes beautiful photos where ever he goes and I even had the opportunity of shooting a few with him be sure and check his stuff out! Sinostage is the beautiful studio and company that hosts all of the incredible madness that goes on in Chengdu China, and lastly Arena Dance comp which is the event that hosted me and had me out in Chengdu! Till next time! Much love!

-Larkin Poynton